many days have gone through. I’ve got insomnia because my bed time is really messed up. I was like a bat often hibernate sometimes estivate lol :p

but, I have a goal I want to achieve, yeah my dreams become reality. I don’t know when it will be happen but I believe I can get it πŸ˜€

everyday… I face many obstacles, I often feel hopeless like there isn’t anything i can do. But, when i look into God, it looks He give me strength so i still can face it until today πŸ™‚

that’s why I didn’t want to give up and I want to do good deeds to anyone unreservedly though sometimes it is difficult n make my heart hurted. I also did not want to depend on others. Everyone have their own problems, so I believe that I can survive with God’s power that He given me. That power which made ​​me stronger and confident.

I have done the first step, God will do the rest πŸ™‚